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Hydrologic is a Social Enterprise legally registered in Cambodia under the Ministry of Commerce Please take a few moments look around our site and consider joining us in this unique venture Ceramic Water Purifiers have set the standard for water filtration in developing countries for the last 30 years read mor e

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This Water is Really Cloudy In early 2019 a Texas-based nonprofit children's outreach and their partner Cambodia Village Outreach offered Sweetwater the opportunity to come alongside their team to develop clean water strategies in Brasat Trav Village Cambodia a town that is

Originally designed by Dr Fernando Mazareigos a Guatemalan chemist the Ceramic Water Filter combines the filtration capability of ceramic material with the anti-bacteriological qualities of colloidal silver This filter has basic yet impressive impact on the lives of the rural poor dramatically decreasing diarrhea days of school or work missed due to illness and medical

Inexpensive and cheap the filters are selling out across the Kingdom a new award-winning study shows their popularity is justified A STUDY on the effectiveness of increasingly popular ceramic water filters in rural Cambodia snagged the prestigious International Water Association (IWA) 2008 Project Innovation Award in Vienna last week

Boiling water uses resources like firewood which are scarce in many areas of East Africa (13) The WHO estimates that 1 kilogram of wood is needed to boil 1 liter of water (14) A ceramic water filter manufacturer in Cambodia claims that "[b]y eliminating the need to burn firewood to boil water each

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The project sells locally made Ceramic Water Purifiers (CWP) providing clean water to communities in Cambodia With a filter in their home families no longer need to boil their water to make it safe to drink This reduces indoor air pollution from wood burning decreasing fuel costs and reducing pressure on Cambodia's vulnerable

Hi folks below is our range of benchtop ceramic water filters and dispensers You will find some of the best handmade gravity fed stoneware and ceramic water filters on the market They come in a variety of colours so click through and see what colour you like the most They also have the option a fluoride removal cartridge We offer free delivery Australia wide so no matter where you are we

Although several different kinds of ceramic filters are used for -scale water treatment worldwide among the most widespread is that promoted by Potters for Peace a US and Nicaragua-based NGO the Cambodian version is known as the Ceramic Water Purifier (CWP) It has been used in Cambodia since its introduction in 2001

Ceramic water filters provide affordable high quality drinking water at a or classroom level for communities who are otherwise without access to safe drinking water 1 1 Introduction Resource Development International – Cambodia (RDIC) has been making ceramic water filters in Cambodia

Water is poured into a porous ceramic filter pot and is collected in another container after it passes through the ceramic pot This system also provides safe storage until the water is used Ceramic pot filters are usually made from clay mixed with a combustible material like sawdust or rice husks

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18 09 2013We are at The Prohm Roth Inn Prohm Roth guesthouse Pro Angkor Travel start raising some funds for our community projects that's located about 110 miles east of Siem Reap City Trach village (of Sammaki commune Brasat Ballaing district Kampong Thom Province) is a very remote and depressing village never seen a single foreign visitor don't even mention about receiving any haze of

18 09 2013We are at The Prohm Roth Inn Prohm Roth guesthouse Pro Angkor Travel start raising some funds for our community projects that's located about 110 miles east of Siem Reap City Trach village (of Sammaki commune Brasat Ballaing district Kampong Thom Province) is a very remote and depressing village never seen a single foreign visitor don't even mention about receiving any haze of

JOSEPH MARK BROWN: EFFECTIVENESS OF CERAMIC FILTRATION FOR DRINKING WATER TREATMENT IN CAMBODIA (Under the direction of Mark D Sobsey Ph D ) For the estimated 66% of Cambodians without access to improved drinking water sources and the potentially much greater percentage without consistent access to

filtered water The typical filter holds eight to ten liters of water and is suspended inside a plastic or ceramic receptacle with a capacity of around 10 to 20 liters The receptacle is fitted with a tap and a lid: users pour water into the filter wait for the water to flow through into the receptacle and dispense filtered water from the tap

Cambodia ceramic water purifiers which are porous ceramic pot filters for point-of-use water treatment in the home have never been independently evaluated for their ability to reduce waterborne diarrheal disease This report presents the results of such a study 1 3 Study overview An emerging point-of-use treatment technology is the ceramic

silver impregnated Ceramic Water Filter (CWF) Potters for Peace started introducing the CWF in developing countries since 1998 They started in Nicaragua and the CWF is now produced in 11 developing countries One of those developing countries is Cambodia In Cambodia 66% of the people do not have access to safe drinking water And 74% of

Manufacturing a Ceramic Water Filter Press for Use in

The goal of the study was to manufacture a ceramic water filter press by adapting an existing design using locally sourced materials and manpower to achieve lower cost The resulting filter press cost approximately $1000 proving the viability and cost efficiency of the local manufacture of ceramic water filter presses in Nigeria

In Cambodia untreated water and poor sanitation cause an estimated 10 million cases of diarrhea and 10 000 deaths each year mostly in children living in rural areas To date social enterprise Hydrologic has reached nearly two million Cambodians with its ceramic water purifiers With a filter in their homes families can drink safely

An Overview of Water Quality Issues in Cambodia 19 people of Cambodia on a variety of issues ranging from health care to sustainable agriculture to water quality An important component of the RDIC mission is public outreach and education Other projects beyond the arsenic issue have started to evolve over a two year period There is a great

The project has brought appropriate water purification technology to the level A factory in Yangon has produced more than 3 000 ceramic water filters that have been distributed to villages and schools in places such as A Pyin The Phyu where surface water is used as a major water source

If you're living in Cambodia there are two good options for safe drinking water a ceramic water filter at a very affordable price of around $20 able to be bought at markets (there is a list on our DIY page) or a biosand filter which is much more robust for well water

Improving Drinking Water Quality Use of Ceramic Water Filters in Cambodia Ceramic filter pilot projects (2002-2006) in Cambodia have yielded promising results that suggest these interventions can be effective in improving drinking water quality and can contribute to substantial health gains in populations using them August 2007 Field

A ceramic pot filter consists of a flowerpot-shaped pot made from a porous ceramic material Water poured into a ceramic pot filter percolates through the pot material and is collected in a second container There are many variations of the ceramic filter: some are made entirely from ceramics such as the Potters for Peace filters some have a

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